Industrial designer connecting products, brands and users. Focused on the end user through the brands, I’m thrilled to connect concept creation with innovative manufacturing techniques and technologies.

ANIMO Combi-Line™
Industrial & UI design of the new ANIMO Combi-Line, a coffee machine that brews large quantities of fresh filter coffee.
Eneco WarmteWinner™
The Eneco WarmteWinner™, Dutch for HeatWinner, brings proven heat pump technology available to the masses by focusing on the most important functionality; ‘producing’ energy from the air in your house. Together with Toon®, Eneco’s intelligent thermostat for your living room, the WarmteWinner™ will help reduce your household energy consumption to a minimum. Its compact size and easy of use makes the WarmteWinner™ a unique product in the current market landscape.
Quva is a revolutionary fully integrated vacuum device that delivers the best performance for preserving food at home. Quva is the first vacuum food saving device that is fully integrated in the kitchen countertop, making it easy to access, use and discreetly put away.
The Braster self-tester gives women the ability to conveniently monitor changes in their breast and make better decisions about their personal health. Together, we brought this product from sketch to market within just 12 months!
Sneak peak of visualizations created throughout projects, from Ideation sketching to 3D renderings.
Harley Davidson • 2020 Urban Tourer Project. Supervised by the HD designers, I took advantage of my semester at the Milwaukee Institute of art & Design (USA, WI) to follow the PowerSports class and participate to this Project. I finally received the 3rd place for my Week/WeekEnd Motorcycle concept, as sportive as discrete.
SKYDESK is a wooden corner desk which has the particularity to be unfoldable.
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