An innovative exoskeleton that aims to give full mobility back to people with paraplegia.
Project MARCH is the student team of the Delft University of Technology that is developing an innovative and versatile exoskeleton. This motorized robotic armor can be used to let people with a spinal cord injury stand up and walk again. Created in 2015, the teams change each year to offer new insights.
Beginning of 2019, I've been lucky to participate to several workshops to help the 2019 team improve the appearance and the user interface of the MARCH IV. Apart from the user friendliness, the goal was to improve the safe, confident and reliable look, thus strengthening the MARCH character.
To give my advices and share my ideas with Project MARCH's team has been a humbling and exciting experience. Credits below.
"Safe, confident and reliable look" was the starting point. 
We elaborated on these terms to redefine what Project MARCH is.

First scoping session and ideation

Ideation following the first exploration

User Interface
Redefining the workflow and simplifying the GUI, based on the previous prototype.
Because any movement is complicated to accomplish while being in an exoskeleton, the GUI helps to navigate into the options so the focus stays on the walk itself.​​​​​​​
Interaction principles
The GUI was particularly challenging regarding the size of the display. 
Some keypoints we kept in mind:
- As few steps as possible
- Use of bloc hierarchy and color code
- Simplified and bold icons together with text.
- Use of every pixel (no black borders)
- Consistency
- Ease of learning
Direction 1
Prototype Adobe XD. On most of the screen's menu, an access is given to the other menus. The goal is to shortcut one step from 2 menus. This direction was finally privileged by our pilot user.
Direction 2
Prototype Adobe XD. Same principle applied, but using color coding as guidelines for the navigation. Based on the latest tests, this direction was finally dropped.
To be continued...
Special thanks to Ilse Calis, Larissa Mulder, Karlijn de Jong, Willemijn Berkhout & Daan Hittema
for involving me in this project!
To know more about the MARCH IV, visit its website :

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