The OptiMe is the most compact coffee machine of the ANIMO range and accommodates the small to medium offices, event halls, hotels... and is equipable with fresh milk cooler and cup warmer, to always perform at the highest level.
Industrial design
As part of the design team from start to finish, I translated the ANIMO brand values into a new coffee machine design to help our client widening their product portfolio and acquire new markets. From ideation to conceptualization, we organized and facilitated several workshops to identify the key features and refine the design.
The result is a new 'caffeinated machine' that welcomes people at first sight.

Sketching process from Arif Veendijk & the design team

The animo website now allows you to customize your machine before to order it.
See below some of the possibilities :
A user interface that smells like coffee.
We designed the GUI with great empathy for the user. To be involved in the industrial design of the machine also helped me translating the same values into graphic elements, and the use of an agile method and many user tests along the way ensured the creation of the relevant interface.

Short animation of the interactions

From wireframes, low/hi-fi prototypes (paper & Adobe XD) to real display prototypes, every step mattered. After several loops of user tests, the close collaboration with the ANIMO development team was crucial in order to overcome all the challenges.

UI creative session @ANIMO with Arno Wolters, Design director.

This project was an incredible journey for me, as I had a chance to experience every single step of a project, from the intake to the industrialization and development of the user interface. It also confirmed my passion for interaction design, combining the physical product with its digital interface. I also learned:
- The UX process, from the user research to the prototype
- New UX/UI tools (Adobe XD, Zeplin...)
- The management of a complex project involving stakeholders.
- New communication skills to present our ideas to clients.
// Credits //

Lead designer       Arif Veendijk
UI & Industrial design    Mathieu Nauleau      
Design director       Arno Wolters

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