Industrial design
We designed the OptiMe translating the ANIMO core values.
Involved in the conceptualization phase, I helped translating the ANIMO brand values and the in-house techniques into a new caffeinated machine and participated to several workshops to refine the design.

Sketching process from Arif Veendijk & the design team

The animo website now allows you to customize your machine before to order it.
See below some of the possibilities.
User Interface
We designed the interface with great empathy for the user. ​​​​​​​To be involved in the industrial design of the machine helped me translating the same values into graphic elements. 

Short animation of the interactions

UI creative session @ANIMO with Arno Wolters, Design director.

// Credits //

Lead designer     Arif Veendijk
UI & Industrial design    Mathieu Nauleau    
Design director     Arno Wolters 

ANIMO 2019​​​​​​​

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