I am dedicated to the end user through the brand I'm working for, and I’m thrilled to connect concept creation with innovative manufacturing techniques and technologies.
From my Industrial design background, I also evolved and worked on (graphic) user interfaces and packagings. More than project itself, my interest goes to the full picture.

Apart from Industrial Design, I also have interests for Strategic Design, User interfaces and IoT. Empathy and In field research first. 
I am learning as projects progress : from animation with AE to Graphic User Interface, I adapt to serve the project.

Since 4 years, I have been part of the creation of meaningful solutions for a large range of clients. From multinational companies to innovative start-ups, I always design for the end user first. My privileged markets are consumer electronics, lighting, medical devices, & IoT.

I like to take initiatives in making new things, better things!

Apart from work, You can find me walking around with my camera, playing guitar, sketching in a cafe, and attending storytelling events.
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